Yes. Go to settings and select which news source you would like.
Close Viewer the same way you close other apps.
Unfortunately, you can not download anything within the app. Your space will be saved, though, for viewing later.
We only store your space history for quick retrieval when you log back in.
Yes. Tap Web from the toolbar and type in the website of your email provider.
The app does not have parental controls, but some videos may require age authentication.
Yes, via AirPlay to an AppleTV.
As many as you have in your Facebook friends list.
No. You will need to invite them to Viewer through your Facebook account.
Yes. You can have up to 10 friends in a group chat session, provided you have enough upstream.
In the toolbar, tap on Sharing. Hit the arrow in “add friends to this space” and an invite will be sent. (Reminder: Your friends must be online to join).
In the toolbar, tap SOCIAL. Select the desired social network from the icons on the bottom.
Place finger on the URL bar and drag to desired window for storing. (Remember if you choose a window with video content, this will replace that video.)
Tap WEB on the toolbar and type in your desired website. Play the video and then tap and drag it into any window.
On tool bar, tap WEB to bring up the web browsing panel. Enter a URL in the address bar at top. You can expand the web browsing panel by clicking on the arrows icon. You can tap the “X” in the upper right hand corner to close the web browsing panel.
On the toolbar, tap AUDIO. Your videos will now be muted and a line will appear through the speaker icon. To unmute, tap again.
Look for the audio speaker icon in the upper left hand corner of a content window. A dotted circle will mean that you are getting volume from all content windows. If you tap the circle, it will become solid and now you will only have volume in only the window where the icon sits. To move it to another window, simply place finger on icon and drag to desired window.
In the toolbar, tap SPACES on the far left, then select the template you wish to close and tap the “X” in the top left corner. Viewer will confirm if you want to delete space. Tap YES.
Yes. Tap once on the desired video and hit the box icon on right. You can then share that link via message, email, Twitter or Facebook.
You can simply double tap a window OR place index finger and thumb closely together in center of desired window and then pinch outwards. To shrink back to original size, simply double tap again OR do the opposite and pinch inwards.
Touch the window you wish to move and drag it to any other window. If you move to a populated window, the two will swap.
Tap the icon in an empty window, which will bring you to the content guide. There you can select a website from the scrolling tab bar at the top or select a video from the most trending videos by category.
In the toolbar, tap SPACES and select a template from the “add a space” screen. Scroll left and right for more template selections. Click “X” to close.
Tap the news ticker on the bottom of the screen to bring up the toolbar.